"What has happened is still happening" MACIEJ LINTTNER

10 February - 10 April 2023
BWA SOKÓŁ Gallery of Contemporary Art


10 February 2023, hour 18:00

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An exhibition of works by Maciej Linttner, titled "What has happened is still happening".
The exhibition is formally divided into two parts. One of them consists of large format oil paintings, the other – a collage set of works composed of paintings, objects, a book and a film. The book and the film describe the same story inspired by a book published in 1939, titled “Florentische Malerei” from the “Die Schonsten Bilder Der Welt” cycle. The story is titled “The Florence Cauldron” and was published in the book titled “The Notes on the Lack of Knowledge” published in 2014. The objects are fragments of “The Wardrobe”, a private library comprising the author’s books. “The Wardrobe” is to constitute a coherent organism that connects and permeates all threads of search concerning the artistic book. Each of these threads has its own ambitions, which in this case should have its confirmation. The paintings in this selection are common works on boards that were created during the pandemic. The repeated motif of an astronaut has become a temporary synonym of isolation. The concept of a moment is a significant point of the whole located in the essence of the “happening”, that is in a certain point of closer or more distant past.

Maciej Linttner