26 May - 26 June 2011


26 May 2011, hour 18:00

The first edition of the GALICJA. TOPOGRAFIE MITU The concept of the project refers to the tradition and history of the region - and the entire 19th century. Małopolska - in which Nowy Sącz was an example of a typical, multinational and multicultural city of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This context has had a significant impact on its identity, shape, development and is also felt today, even though almost 100 years have passed since the Empire.
PASSION OF AN ORNITHOLOGIST. ON MYTH MAKING was the first installment of a series of five presentations under the joint title GALICJA.TOPOGRAFIE MITU 

The project will build two interlocking traditions. One is the Nowy Sącz perspective - the Małopolska subregion, the second of a wider scope, referring to a greater number of nations being fellow citizens of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The project provides for a series of five international artistic presentations, prepared each time by another curator (representing different nations of the former Empire). They will allow for a contemporary interpretation of the artistic theme of our identity and a reference to today's view of the former community on the part of the inhabitants of currently independent states of the empire. Such artistic and ideological confrontation, resulting both from history and current trends in art, will allow for a multilateral reinterpretation of old mythologies associated with the imperial-royal tradition, and at the same time highlight the current problems bothering these countries.

The undertaking will be co-created by outstanding curators who will be the creators of the authorial concepts of individual presentations. Presentation of the ORNITOLOGY PASSION. CREATING MY MIT was prepared by Adam Budak - from 2003 a curator at Kunsthaus Graz in Austria and at the same time a curator of many international artistic undertakings in Europe, among which the Biennale of Architecture in Venice (2004) and Manifesta 7 (2008) are worth mentioning. Author of numerous exhibitions, including in Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, the creator of numerous series of lectures and conferences devoted to contemporary art, as well as a co-founder of postgraduate studies in the theory and practice of curators at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow.

The exhibition gathered the works of 14 outstanding artists: Nevin Aladag, Josef Dabernig, Andreas Fogarasi, Assaf Gruber, Vlatka Horvat, Franz Kapfer, Aleksander Komarov, Svätopluk Mikyta, Paulina Ołowska, Agnieszka Polska, Maria Ritter, Bruno Schulz, Slavs and Tatars, Sofie Thorsen.

As part of the venture, both works of art created specifically for the project were presented, as well as existing works, and those that fit into this problematic area.