Plans and drawings were prepared by Krakow architects from the KKM KOZIEŃ Architekci s.c. practice under the supervision of Marek Kozień, Magdalena Kozień – Woźniak and Katarzyna Kozień – Kornecka. The construction works were carried out by a consortium of two companies: EKO-REM- BUD of Łabowa, owned by Jan Cabak, and F.B. Konsbud, the owner Jan Konstanty from Nowy Sacz.

All the exhibition halls have access to daylight. Windows have blinds that allow a total darkening of the rooms. Functional electrical system allows any distribution along the busbars of lamps giving diffused or concentrated lighting.

Area: 258 m² Height :3,5 m to 3,9 m Cubature: 980 m³. Wall display surface: approx. 220 m² (reinforced concrete walls) Three windows sized: 1,5 × 3,7 m, 1,6 × 3,5 m, 6×3,5 m Load bearing capacity of the floor: 2 tons

Area: 134 m² Height: 2,5 m to 3 m Cubature: 361 m³ Wall display surface: 40 m² (reinforced concrete wall: 21,6 m², cardboard-plaster wall: 18,4 m²) Two glass walls sized: 10,8 × 2,5 m and 5 × 2,5m. Load bearing capacity of the floor: 2 tons

225 seats cinema projector: KINOFON 240 for 35 mm film multimedia projector: Panasonic PTFW 300 NT multimedia projector: Panasonic PTLB 1 projection screen sized: 8×3,6 m cinematic audio system fitted for the room dimensions (5:1) Dolby Digital E× 64 inputs

Area: 84 m² (there is a possibility of utilization of moving walls, which divide the area into three separate rooms with 28 m² each) Equipment: projection screen digital projector It is possible to make room for approx. 60 seats.



voltage: 240 V, 50 Hz „Schuko” sockets i europlugs total charge: 30 circuits on the walls in the form of „Schuko” sockets (16A protection with delayed trip), 15 mobile adapters to 230 V to lighting busbars gallery has two 16A current boxes outside building total power: 180 kW

modular exhibition wall (dimensions: height 2,4 m, width 1,95m, depth 0,5m) - 6 pieces metal exhibition grille (1,5×1,5 m) - 15 pieces aluminum stands with plexiglass - 15 pieces MDF exhibition pedestals (4 different sizes) - 12 pieces glass exhibition pedestals (2 different sizes) - 6 pieces aluminum showcase(1,2×1,8 m) - 4 pieces wall showcase (1,2×1,2 m) - 4 pieces closed glass-cases with glass shelves (200×50×50 cm) – 3 pieces multimedia projectors, large LCD monitors, players, audio system

PARKING: Parking spaces for 20 cars + 1 parking space for the disabled.

TRANSPORT AND LIFT: - unloading ramp for a truck - floors with a 2 ton capacity lift, with dimensions: width 1,35 m, height 2,3 m, depth 2,85 m (lift door: 1,19×2,09 m). - car available at the gallery - Mercedes Sprinter with capacity to 1,5 ton. Dimensions of the loading area: length 3,6 m, width 1,5 m, height 1,8m.