Jacek Sempoliński - painting

24 January - 8 March 2020


24 January 2020, hour 18:00

The (Not)Present. Sempoliński

Instruments of social engineering, which are currently in a state of permanent attack fed with a pipe dream of common happiness and collective comfort, the qualities which are totally mistakenly associated with the idea of progress of civilisation, have exerted a devastating effect on the spheres of special sensitivity such as art; in the place where the most important is taking place in a private space, between the thought and the hand, between seeing and noticing, between the creator and his/her work. The socio-political dictate of these devilish instruments has sanctioned a situation in which, as prof. Jerzy Fober pointed out in his text which was an introduction to one of the exhibitions of the new a series at BWA Sokól Art Gallery of Małopolskie Centrum Kultury [Małopolska Culture Centre] in Nowy Sącz – „the notions mass and pro publico – activate today mechanisms and means of the most opinion-leading bodies and institutions, previously carefully guarded by
the requirement of quality”, where “promoting intentions has become more important than implementation.” And where „an artist’s personality, his talent as well as his surname are an obstacle”, just like “passion, anguish, ecstasy” destroy the routine of the so-called artistic life, designed to display its resourceful organisers, at the expense of artists, in particular, those with an inborn disability to promote themselves.

A few years ago, somewhat as a reaction to these phenomena, the team of BWA Sokół Gallery in Nowy Sącz, supported by the Programming Board appointed for this purpose, with such exhibitions as Cultus Terrae, Supermarket, Homo Prostitutis, Sztuka w Przestrzeni Prywatnej [Art in a Private Space] or Pole Minowe [Minefield], decided to reverse this trend which was annihilating the essence of artistic endevours. They drafted the BACKGROUND. Now, amplifying the meaning of this task, time has come for something concrete, so for presenting personalities who by their scale have significantly stood out from the background. Our aim now is to collect a panorama of personalities without whom one cannot imagine not only a full expression of any creative activities but without whom one cannot have an idea of qualities of its moral essence.

We have called this series The (Non)Present, to neutralise the fact of a physical absence of many of them but also to emphasise the permanent relevance of the qualities which constitute and petrify their works. We start on a high note because we have selected Jacek Sempoliński (1927–2012) to be the first persona of this series.