Grzegorz Gwiazda Sculpture

17 May - 16 June 2019


17 May 2019, hour 18:00

Individual exhibition Grzegorz Gwiazda. We invite all connoisseurs of the artist's art or wanting to get to know her.
Grzegorz Gwiazda was born in 1984 in Lidzbark Warmiński. He graduated from the High School of Fine Arts in Olsztyn. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań and in Warszawa as well as, in the framework of a scholarship, at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan. In 2009, he graduated with distinction from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warszawa and defended his diploma in the sculpture studio of Prof. Adam Myjak. Since 2009, he has held the function of Assistant to Maciej Zychowicz, Professor of the Maria Grzegorzewska University, in the studio of Graphics and Sculpture, Institute of Artistic Education, Maria Grzegorzewska University in Warszawa. In 2014, he defended his doctorate at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warszawa and assumed the position of Assistant Professor.

The artist held the scholarship from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage for the academic year 2008/09 and the “ENTRY” Initiative. In 2010, he received distinctions in the international figurative art competition organized by Fundació de les Arts i els Artistes for the sculpture Here is the Man and, in 2015, for the sculpture Cyclist. In 2018, he was awarded by the Arteon art magazine.

His works can be found in the permanent collection of Museu Europeu d’Art Modern in Barcelona.

[...]Gwiazda ceased to be an academic sculptor. He went beyond the taboo of study and like a seasoned driver focuses on the road, not on the steering wheel. He controls the exposition of sculptures. Almost each of his projects entails a ready performance. It is directed at the recipient. Gwiazda does not play in a team, he is an individualist. He works a lot, looks for creative reasons. The artist is fascinated by Shakespeare, infinite human nature and the tragicomedy of everyday life. His faces and silhouettes fit in this vision and render it incredibly attractive. Eventually, they are directed towards the theater with all the consequences of this choice. But are they theatrical? Rather not.[...]

[...]True abstraction is derived from realism. Gwiazda creates a corporeal form with expressive overtones using the gesture and an evident psychoanalytic accent.[...] 

A fragment of the text by prof. Andrzej Szarek