16 May - 5 July 2020

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On-line exhibition
In the exhibition presented on-line on the BWA SOKOL Gallery website, we show the works of artists associated with the artistic environment of the city of Baia Mare in Romania: paintings by Dorel Petrehuş and Ioan Angel Negrean, artistic graphics by Laura Ghinea and multimedia works by Adran Chira.
BWA Sokół Gallery of Contemporary Art has been cooperating with artists from Romania for more than a dozen years. We have presented works of artists from our region in Baia Mare and in Cluj Napoca many times. We have also organized exhibitions in Nowy Sącz showcasing works of artists representing various Romanian art centres and various art trends, first and foremost from the famous School of Cluj. Romanian artists have always constituted a numerous group of participants of the International Biennial Pastel Exhibition, with the artist from Baia Mare winning the Grand Prix in 2013. Therefore, it is with a great pleasure that we are presenting to Małopolska audiences representatives of the artistic community of Baia Mare – a city located in the beautiful region of Maramures, boasting a long artistic tradition.

Adrian Chira

picture of Adran Chira
Born in 1963 in Baia Mare, Romania.
In 1987, he graduated from the Polytechnic Institute of Cluj-Napoca, and in 2004 from the University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Fine Arts. In 2012, he received a Ph.D. in Visual and Decorative Arts at the West University of Timişoara, Faculty of Arts under a scientific coordinator Professor Constantin Ionescu Prut, Ph.D. Since 2015, he has been working as the Reader at the Technical University of Cluj Napoca – North University Center of Baia Mare, Faculty of Letters, Baia Mare, Line of study: Fine Arts – Painting. Since 2016, he has been a member of the Senate of the Technical University of Cluj- Napoca, Committee for university education and student issues.

Since 2005, he has been a member of the Visual Artists’ Union of Romania, Multimedia department and a member of the Association Baia Mare Branch of Visual Artists’ Union where he has been acting as a member of the board since 2014. Since 2019, he has also been a member of the Art Bunavestire Artistic Association, Negreşti-Oaş.

He has authored over six personal exhibitions held in prestigious galleries in the country e.g., in Baia Mare and Cluj-Napoca. He has participated in over 12 international collective and group exhibitions, organized in galleries and museums abroad e.g., in Austria, France, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary and in over 77 collective and group exhibitions organised in galleries and museums in Romania in Arad, Baia Mare, Bucharest, Bonţida, Cluj-Napoca, Galaţi, Iaşi, Negreşti Oaş, Oradea, Râmnicu Vâlcea, Satu Mare, Sibiu and Timişoara.

He has won numerous awards and distinctions such as in 2019, Prize for Graphics awarded at the Meeting Point International Biennial of Painting, Graphics and Sculpture, Arad; in 2018, Prize for Fine Arts obtained for the album 1896–2016: 120 years. Baia Mare Artistic Center, within the Editorial Year in Cluj 2016; in 2017, Professor Bologna Award – granted by the National Alliance of Students’ Organizations of Romania (ANOSR); in 2016, the Artist of the Year Award 2016 – granted by the Visual Artists’ Union of Romania – Baia Mare Branch, the Local Council and the Municipality of Baia Mare; in 2016, the Prize for Digital Art at the International Salon of Visual Arts Teachers – International Symposium of Visual Creation, Iași (Romania).

He has published numerous texts in specialized publications and in chronicles in the print media including the chapter: Photography between technique and art in the volume In Memoriam Ioniţă G. Andron (1917–1989), Țara Oașului Museum, Negreşti Oaş, 2012. He has authored two books: Origin. Experiences of temporality, 2014, and Structures of interiority. Perception and meaning – permanence of the visual discourse present in modern and contemporary photography, 2018. As an editor, he has produced more than 27 albums and art books and has worked as co-reviewer of publications on art published in Romania and abroad. He has authored teaching materials (course and tutor of practical works): Creative explorations in contemporary photography.

He has participated in numerous conferences, seminars and presentations on various disciplines of art: painting, graphics, photography, video, installations and mixed media. He has acted repeatedly as an organiser and member of several art projects. Over 40 of his works of art have been published in magazine articles, in prestigious art albums and publications accompanying some art events.

Laura Ghinea

picture of Laura Ghinea
Born in Baia Mare in 1977.
In 2000, she graduated with a degree in Graphics at the Arts and Design University in Cluj-Napoca and in Political Studies at the European Studies Faculty of Babeș Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca. In 2002, she received Master’s degree in Cultural Anthropology at the European Studies Faculty, Babeș Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca and in 2006, a Ph.D. in Information Communication from Sophia-Antipolis University, Nice, France. She also had a scholarship at Ecole Regionale des Baeaux Arts in Nantes, France. She is a lecturer at the Art and Design University in Cluj-Napoca teaching in the disciplines of photography, video and mixed media and she also worked as an associate professor of drawing and graphic techniques within the specialisation of Painting at the North University from Baia Mare.

Since 2011, she has been the President of Baia Mare subsidiary of UAPR – the Visual Artists Union of Romania and has been coordinating the rehabilitation project of the Colony of Painters. She coordinated the rehabilitation project of the Art Gallery in Baia Mare and the project of new creative premises for the artists at Studio Arena 11. She coordinated five editions of the Paining Symposium at Baia Mare, financed by Dorel Cherecheș Foundation. She has organised and participated in numerous forums, workshops, conferences, summer schools, personal and group exhibitions, collective exhibitions with guests from Romania and abroad. She has collaborated in implementation of numerous EU-financed projects e.g., as a Partner of the European Pastel Festival – 6th International Biennial Pastel Exhibition – Nowy Sącz 2013. She is a founding member of ARTE+ Foundation.

Ioan Angel Negrean

picture of Ioan Angel Negrean
Born in Cluj-Napoca in 1954, where he also graduated from Ion Andreescu Institute of Art and Design. Since 2007, he has been a senior lecturer of painting at Cluj-Napoca Technical University, North University Centre of Baia Mare. He has a Ph.D. in Arts. Since 1990, he has been a member of the Visual Artists Union of Romania.

Author of numerous individual exhibitions in Romania and abroad, e.g., in 2015, Art Safari, European Art Gallery, Bucharest; 2014, green and ”negrean” green, Art Gallery of the Visual Artists’ Union, Baia Mare branch; 2013, Profan, Product: Pro domo, Alchemia Art Gallery, Bucharest; 2012, The seasons, County Museum of Art “Baia Mare Artistic Centre”; 2012, Dialogues in innocence, European Art Gallery, Bucharest; 2005, Negrean '50, Baia Mare, County Museum of Art “Baia Mare Artistic Centre”; 1996, Crucifixions on the side of the road, Cultural Centre of Romania, Budapest; 1992, Delirium Vivens, Bessenyei Győrgy Pedagogical Institute, Nyíregyháza (Hungary).

He has also participated in numerous collective exhibitions in Rumania and abroad with the most interesting recent exhibitions including: Művészet új utakon, Hírös Agra Kulturális Központ, Kecskemét (Hungary); 2018, National Salon of Contemporary Art (SNAC) Centenary 2018, Căminul Artei Gallery, Bucharest; 2013 Mostra Natalizia 2013, Chie Art Gallery, Milan (Italy); Expo Bologna 2013 – Seconda Edizione – Wikiarte Gallery, 2013; 2012, The artist and the power – hypostases of the painting in the years 1950–1990, National Library of Romania, Bucharest; 2008, Friends of Our Friends, BWA Gallery, Nowy Sącz; 2006, National Art Salon, Parliament Palace, Constantin Brâncuşi Gallery, Bucharest; 2001, National Art Salon, Romexpo Pavilion, Bucharest.

Participant of numerous international scientific and artistic meetings e.g., 2015, 100 artisti per il salento – simposio internazionale d'arte contemporanea, Gallipoli (Italy); 2013, DFEWA mallnitzer symposium für moderne kunst – d.fleiss & east-west artiststs, Mallnitz (Austria); 2006, Shape, Colour, Time – National Symposium on Contemporary Art, Negreşti-Oaş; 2004, International Painting Camp of the Cultural Centre of XII-th Sector, Budapest (Hungary); 1994, August, National Painting Camp, Nicula (Cluj County).

In 2004, he received the Cultural Merit medal (class I – category C – Fine Arts), granted by the President of Romania.

Dorel Petrehuş

picture of Dorel Petrehuş
Born in Dumbrava-Tg. Lapus, Maramureş County, in 1957. In 1982, he graduated from the Faculty of Painting at Ion Andreescu Institute of Fine Arts in Cluj-Napoca. Since 1990, he has been a member of the Visual Artists Union of Romania (UAPR) and of the Artistica Art Bunavestire Association, Negresti-Oas.

He has held numerous solo exhibitions e.g., 2018, Anthrop-signs, Museum of Art, Cluj Napoca; 2018, Colours of childhood, Baia Mare Visual Artists’ Union Art Gallery; 2017, Crypto-morphemes with anthropsigns, County Museum of Art – Baia Mare Art Center; Transfigurations and rusty characters, Baia Mare Visual Artists Union Art Gallery; 2016, Retrospective- Transfigurations, Museum of Țara Oașului; 2013, Human Print, Mihai Pop Art Gallery, Țara Oașului Museum, Negresti-Oaș; 2011, Gold Plaza, Baia Mare; 2010, Contemporary tomography, Căminul Artei Gallery, Bucharest; Connection, Kecskemét, (Hungary); 2004 Contemporary tomography- painting and objects, Baia Mare; 2002, Țara Oașului Museum Negreșt-Oaș; 2001, Baia Mare Painters’ Colony; 1997, 2000, Art Museum in Satu Mare; 1991, 1995, 2012; Art Gallery in Satu Mare; 1991, Atelier 35, Orizont Art Gallery, Bucharest; 1985, 1989, 1990; Art Gallery, Baia Mare.

He has participated in numerous collective exhibitions in Romania and abroad e.g., 2019, Kecskemeti Tavaszi Fesztival, Muveszet uj Utakon, (Hungary); 2018, Centenary of the Great Union, Museum of Art, Iasi; International Exhibition of Visual Art and Decorative Art, Visual Artists Union Sibiu Gallery and Brukental Museum, Sibiu; National Art Salon at the National Museum of Art, Bucharest; 2017, National Painting Salon, Mogosoaia Palace, Bucharest; 2016, Simon Hollosy International Exhibition, Teceu, Muncacevo (Ukraine); Arts Annual 2016, County Museum of Art, Baia Mare Art Centre; Art Bunavastire, Țara Oașului Museum, Negresti-Oas; 2015, 2006, Silver Quadrangle International Painting Triennial of the Carpathian Region, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Przemyśl; 2014, Salons of Moldova, Bacau, Constantin Brancusi Gallery, Chisinau, (Republic of Moldova); Meeting Point International Biennial in Arad, Delta Arad Gallery; Romanian Art Exhibition "Bronze and colour", Time Zeikunst Gallery, Vienna (Austria); 2013, Bunavestire Art from 1986–2019, Art Gallery of Țara Oașului Museum, Negresti-Oas; 2010, Totem, Targu Mures, Iasi; 2008, Brancovenesc Palace, Mogoşoaia Palace, 4 + 1 Lăpuşeni; 2006, Artcades, Troyes (France); National Salon of Art, Parliament Palace, Bucharest; 2005, Burghausen (Germany); 2003, Visual Arts International Fair of Bucharest; 2002, Art Paper International Symposium, Chișinău (Moldova); 2001, Bucharest National Art Salon; 2000, 2002, D. Fleiss D. Fleiss & East West Artists, International Art Symposium, Carei, Satu Mare County and Essen, (Germany); 1999, Pro Arte, Museum of Art in Timişoara and Art Gallery in Lugoj; 1999, Biennial National Salon of Drawing in Arad; 1996, 4×4 itinerary exhibition, Negreşti-Oaş, Baia Mare, Satu Mare, Târgu Mureş; 1989, Exhibition of the Visual Artists’ Union Maramures, "Dalles" Hall room, in Bucharest; 1988, National Exhibition of Youth, Baia Mare, Painters’ Colony.

Winner of The Artist of the Year Award 2015 Baia Mare granted by Baia Mare Municipality and Baia Mare Local Council and the Excellence Award 2016 granted by the City Hall, Local Council of Negresti-Oas and the Museum of Tara Oașului.